Blockchain is growing to be an unparalleled technology. With the wide popularity of cryptocurrency, the technology behind it also became the talk of the town. Developers became well aware of the perks this technology provides and have already started to make use of its benefits for different cases.

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Blockchain can develop old systems and improve their efficiency. The security and the transparency the bitcoin payments provide have attracted enterprises all over the world. Many industries are using this technology to bring innovations in healthcare, crowdfunding, smart contracts, cloud storage, etc. One of the notable changes blockchain technology can bring will be in preventing voter fraud.

Blockchain can be considered a digital ledger. The nodes or peers on the blockchain are used to process, verify and record all the transactions that happen across the technology. The ledgers are on the chain and are simultaneously aided by millions of other nodes. The decentralization and encryption of the blockchain make all the transactions of the blockchain incorruptible. As the network does not exist in a single place, it cannot be corrupted by a single party.

Different kinds of data transmissions also occur through blockchain. This is what can be used for voting purposes. The voting processes in most of the countries are still old school. They use paper ballots that have high chances of corruption. The thought of online voting was not trustworthy for common people as they feared the security gaps in the system may affect the results.

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Blockchain technology is the best solution to solve all the issues associated with the online voting process. The security of the service provided will not affect blockchain-based voting. Even if the hacker gets entry to the terminal, he will not be able to influence other nodes of the blockchain. Voters do not have to reveal their identity to the public to cast their votes. Each Id is attributed with one vote and no fraudulent activities will take place.

Several companies have already started the processes to bring blockchain technology for voting. Many organizations allow decision tokens for voting through PCs or mobile phones. Also, the organization allows employees to trade bitcoin securely with the Bitcoin Bank, which is a trading robot that automatically executes trades with the goal of making profits. You can check the bitcoin bank review before starting the trade. They believe this system will also promote voting among youngsters. An easily accessible and secure voting process will attract more and more voters to the process. Blockchain technology is also a cost-effective method when compared to traditional voting methods. The Thai Democratic Party in Thailand used Zcoins in 2018 to elect a new president for their party. This is known to be the first-ever extensive election using blockchain technology.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain technology will be an inevitable factor for elections all over the world within a few years. It will also encourage an efficient way for direct democracy. The participation of all the communities in the election is very important to make an unbiased decision. The easy accessibility and transparency of blockchain technology will increase the number of voters casting their votes. The research and studies happening around the world will soon bring successful results.